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goodbye, others may try to profit.

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Never have funeral costs risen so fast. Take action now to avoid vastly inflated costs in the future.


Your loved ones, may be tired and overcome with grief, avoid burdening them further with avoidable cost.

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Never have funeral costs risen so fast. Take action now to avoid vastly inflated costs in the future.

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The average cost of a funeral plan today is estimated to be £5,000, expected to exceed £9,000 in 8 years, price rises are outstripping even house prices.

Few realise that funeral costs are amongst the first costs to be extracted from an estate. The average inheritance (after care home fees) left in the UK was £11,000. Thus nearly half might be spend on funerals unless plans are made.

Many don’t care about funeral arrangements for themselves, in reality however, those around you want to say goodbye. Without a plan, and at a time of emotional vulnerability, clients overspend greatly. Ask yourself “what would I do were a spouse/child/love friend pass away today and I were asked to make arrangements”?

Psychologists agree that SADNESS INCREASES SPENDING … ACT NOW to spare those you care for.

Sources: ONS; CO-OP Funeral Planning.
The above is not intended to present financial or legal advice and you should contact
a professional if in doubt..

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