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Cost Effective Lasting Powers of Attorney

Your welfare at heart

Our firm was founded by those working with dementia victims, less than 1% have such a document and the consequences are catastrophic.

Why make one?
These documents let you have a say in your care, at a time of vulnerability.
  • Prevent the government making decisions for you:
  • On residential care
  • The sale of your house
  • Life sustaining treatment
What if I don’t have one?
There are no legally recognised ‘next of kin’. Families spend six figure sums trying to wrest control from government.
  • Avoid extortionate administrative fees
  • Set out how you would like to be treated
  • Ensure you are given as much control as possible
  • Care for those around you
Why act now?
People often lose mental capacity more quickly than one can be implemented. Without one you are unable to consent to even life-saving medical care.
  • Costs of unmanaged finances lead to crises,
  • You may be denied life-saving treatment
  • You may lose your home
  • Your family are powerless

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Protect your home!

Without one, the government may decide that you must enter residential care, and draw on your estate to pay.

Protect yourself!

Without one, you are unable to consent to critical medical interventions supporting your comfort and care.

Protect your family!

Families may spend many months and more than £150,000 attempting to administer even the most simple activities.

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