Who needs a Will?


  • Anyone who owns a home
  • Anyone with children
  • Anyone who does not wish their assets to end up with the Crown


It is therefore surprising that an awful lot of us sail through life without a will and seldom give it thought!

It is often only when we experience: illness, war, pandemic, or another life-threatening tragedy that such matters come to mind. Preferable is to think in advance about our estate, and to whom we wish it left, in the event of our demise.

The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly brought mortality into sharp relief for many. Yet, pandemic or not, death is sadly one of the few certainties in life.  Perhaps, for sanity, we are hard wired to look away when faced with the brevity of our time here. Notwithstanding, it has been said that we do not die while those who loved us survive. It is they who suffer in the absence of adequate preparation.

The questions we might ask ourselves are:

  • What will happen to our next of kin if we are no longer here to care for them?
  • If we have a partner/spouse and children, what will happen to them? Could they manage financially? Who would care for the children if both parents died at the same time e.g. in a road accident?
  • Do I need to take out life insurance to make sure they would have enough money to live on?
  • Who would I wish to nominate as guardians for my children and who would be prepared to take on the responsibility? Where would the children be happiest?
  • Who would I want to inherit personal items, such as jewellery or other precious items?
  • What would happen to my pets or livestock?


The Who Needs a Will list goes on! Wills may also contain information about funeral wishes.

Dealing, in advance, with issues around inheritance make them infinitely less burdensome to grieving loved ones, furthermore, harmful family conflicts are avoided.

It seems a lot to sort out, maybe that’s why so many people would rather put it off for another day! However, with professional guidance, a little help, understanding and discussion, it’s not so difficult.

Wills allow you to make provision for those you care about, perhaps a child who is less financially stable than their siblings, or who has contributed more to your care, or who has benefited to a lesser degree from gifts in life. The right advice and sensitive wording of key documents, allow you to explain your reasons for certain gifts and may allay feelings of unfairness in those left behind.

So, who needs a will? Most do in truth. Once made it can bring great peace of mind. Remember a will can be changed at any point in life, but without one, you risk exposing those you love to uncertainty, conflict and grief.

Don’t know where to start ?

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