Choosing Between a Joint Will and a Single Will

We specialise in general wills for single people, married people and those living within a Civil Partnership. There are a number of different types of wills to choose from and it’s important that you choose the right one for you.

Single Wills

Despite its title a single will is also suitable for couples. Couples may opt for single wills if they wish to vary their will from their partners in some way. For example, this kind of will might be chosen to make financial provision for an ex-wife, or for the non-dependant stepchildren of that relationship. Usually, in cases like this a will is made for both partners at the same time.

Mirror Wills

A mirror will is a similar concept to a single will, a couple will create virtually identical wills to each other. It allows for small variations from a joint will. It is also important to note that with mirror wills, either person can change their will without the other person knowing. You cannot be 100% certain of the other persons will remaining the same.

Single Wills Made Before Marriage

If you have a single will in place and then choose to get married this will is automatically revoked and is no longer valid. If you do not wish to make a new one once you are married, then the law of intestacy will decide how your assets are divided – usually, your estate would go to your spouse.

However, if you choose to make another single will following your marriage, then this can remain as a separate will. If you make a will before your marriage, but in it state that you are intending to get married, then this will remain valid.

A will is also partially nullified by a divorce. Your ex-spouse will no longer be able to benefit from your will as a beneficiary, or act as an executor and/or trustee. If you do wish to offer something to your ex-spouse, then this will need to be included within a new will.

Joint Wills

Most wills are made by married people as they want to provide a degree of security to their loved one should the worst happen. A joint will is one document that covers the married couple – regardless of their sex. Unlike a mirror will, a joint will cannot be changed without both consent from the spouse.

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