Starting your own estate planning business – with help from Confidence Wills.

Why choose a Will Writing franchise and why select the Will Writing Industry?

To work in the Will writing industry is uniquely rewarding and in this article, we will explain why you should consider a Will Writing Franchise. Commercially, markets are vast (no less than half of the population lack an up to date Will) and largely recession-proof (enquiries rose by up to 300%1 across the industry during the Covid outbreak).  

Personally, the role confers respect on the effective professional and great peace of mind on clients, certain of whom, particularly at end of life, may find such peace in short supply from other sources. 

A Will writing franchisee typically receives key infrastructure and tested processes, unavailable to those beginning from scratch and alone. Such support is potentially very attractive to those considering a move to the Will writing industry. Whilst markets are deep and sustainable, the industry is mature, as such efficiency, marketing, price pointing and brand development require a good level of refinement to produce strong revenues. Moreover, the skills demanded by Will writing and estate planning are quite diverse. Drafting, administration, advise, sales, marketing, taxation etc. the list goes on. A franchisee, usually receives support on these elements, allowing them to: either focus on their strengths and place these at the heart of their offering long term; or develop a broader skill set, sequentially and in their own time. Confidence Wills prides itself on supporting individuals of integrity and drive, with diverse skills. As a firm, we are interested in the individual’s attitude primarily and will often work through tailored support.  


What’s it like being a Will Writer?

In terms of the pure job satisfaction, Will writing, at least in my experience (as the founder of Confidence Wills), has an enormous amount to offer. I consider myself comparatively introverted, though take great pleasure from understanding people’s challenges and helping them. In practice, this is what you spend most of your time doing. 

No two meetings are ever the same. Often intimate, unusual, even funny, the ambit of such interactions extends into a future from which the client is to be absent. Through effective communication, they seek to pass variously broad and profound feelings, through the narrow band width of language to create a robust Will. 

For my part, such interactions engender a sense of connectedness, a bridge between past and future, that I haven’t encountered elsewhere. They are free of transactional ‘junk’ such as status and ‘care’, for the client, emerges from the humanity of the experience, rather than any company mission statement. 

Making first contact with clients and meeting with them, constitutes the majority of your day. Refinement of technical skill and administrative tasks, are processual, and if managed with consistency, do not impose undue demands. 


How to help clients. How does Confidence Wills help you to achieve that?

Will writing companies are diverse and each has their own personality. In a functioning market one would expect businesses to stand or fall on tangible or causally complex factors such as these. 

Speaking as a franchisor, active in the market for some time and who has established a successful estate planning business, I must say that, on the whole, the tools offered by different franchises, are not wildly dissimilar, in essence. More variable is the composition (perhaps the culture) of the offerings, by which I mean the degree of individualisation vs standardisation or personal service vs automation. A few offer novel products at high prices, by all means explore these and I don’t blindly disparage anything, however, having examined many of these for our own offering, I really do urge caution. A number of have recently ended up in the news (in a bad way), and present a risk of sudden failure (or worse, liability) to the unwary*.

Confidence Wills stands for care. We seek to go above and beyond and are not a ‘pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap’ outfit.  We don’t ration the time given to our clients (or indeed our franchisees), and by virtue of mutual trust seek to develop ongoing relationships with them. As a consequence we tend to do a good deal of repeat business and arguably generate more revenue per client over time than others, as a consequence of our holistic approach. 

This approach is not for everyone but if you would like to build a sustainable business with a brand that has proven it can deliver, then we would encourage you to meet with us via Zoom or in person. From that, you ought be able to gauge whether our approach is suitable, in fairly short order.


What does a Will Writing Franchise Cost – and what can you earn?

Various Will Writing franchises are available with costs ranging to high six figures. Will writing demands comparatively little capital, so is accessible to more. Confidence Wills, aims to be at the lower end of the will writing franchise market itself in terms of start-up cost, we find this allows us to screen and spot talent in a wider group. 

Setting up fees which amount to training and initial infrastructure, are to a degree modular and usually come in at around £4-6,000. Confidence Wills views its franchisees as partners and is somewhat selective in who it chooses, since the fee structure is profit related, and we aim to protect the brand for all involved. Depending on your style and strengths there are optional support packages such as lead generation that may be taken. 

In terms of earnings, there are Will writers who earn tens of thousands of pounds a month; those that earn a few thousand and perhaps work only a few hours per week (there is significant lifestyle potential in the work). The business is there for you to make what you want of it. 


What do other franchisees have to say?

“Confidence Wills Franchise team has been caring and straightforward from day one. I have had access to the senior team, more or less as I needed it, which has been amazing. I think of the Confidence Wills Guys as my friends and an irreplaceable relationship from a business point of view.” JP franchisee, Salford.




1 Financial Times/Confidence Wills enquiry data