National Will Register Certainty

Why register a will?

If the document cannot be located it may be assumed not to exist (except in certain circumstances and after legal process). This may occur where a testator has used a DIY service, or even taken the document from a safe place for home storage. In some cases, executors or family members may be unaware of its existence or fail to search for it. Interactions between family members are often sporadic and confounded by emotion at time of bereavement, so you should think about this in concrete terms now.


What can happen if my will isn’t registered?

Simply the document might not found, leading the enactment of the most recent document which can be!

Unfortunately this factor may lead to nefarious activities such as destruction of drafts by those benefiting from an earlier version of the document, or indeed failure to disclose existence. In such cases, distributions contradictory to your intent may occur or even intestacy (your being treated as though you never made a will at all!) Worse, extended and costly legal wrangling may take place. Why take the risk?


How do I register a will?

Confidence Wills works closely with the National Will Registry, and are happy to assist with management of the process –

The National Will Registry, ensures location of your document. As part of the probate initiation, this database is routinely checked. Thus, a situation in which executors lack knowledge of a document and so cannot locate it, is avoided.

The process is not costly (a one off fee of around £30 at time of writing), so we strongly suggest that you do this as soon as your will is complete