Lasting Power of Attorney Cost?

  • Registration of Lasting power of Attorney: £82 per document (total £164 for both);
  • 50-100%: reliefs available for registration fees;
  • Completion of each document (approx.): £175-300 (professional will writers); £400-700 (High street Solicitors);
  • Confidence Wills prices checks regularly to beat such prices;
  • >£100,000 & 12 months, potential costs arising from legal challenge in absence of LPA;


Having worked with dementia and neurological injury, the founders of Confidence Wills’ placed Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) at the heart of its mission statement. We aim to take the percentage of the population with registered Lasting Powers of Attorney from today’s figure of 1%, today, to 2%, by the end of 2021

To this end, Confidence Wills (overseen by the Society of Will Writers) price checks one to one services regularly and offers one to one Lasting Power of Attorney document completion services, from less than £150 per document (including VAT).

Our team of experts, make completion and registration of these (lengthy) documents, straightforward and provide expert advice at every stage. Call us now on 0121 231 7010 (or email on for more information.

A loss of mental capacity is something most don’t want to talk about, however, the importance of these documents cannot be overstated. Without them in place, the sale of your home (to pay for care fees), the giving of consents for key medical treatments and the simple management of day to day activities, may be taken out of your hands.

What few realise is that completion and registration of the documents may take months. Accident and trauma notwithstanding, if one takes action even immediately after a neurodegenerative diagnosis, it is quite possible to lose mental capacity before registration of an LPA is complete.

We recommend seeking high quality advice when creating of these documents, it is very easy to complete applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney incorrectly, errors can lead to conflict, cost and delay at time sensitive points!

Our research has found fees for the creation of such documents, by qualified will writers, to be in the range of £175-£250 per document and £400-£700 per document, in the case of high street solicitors.

Registration of these documents unfortunately attracts further cost. The documents are invalid until so registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. Many think such fees unhelpful given implications of caring for a loved one without such lasting powers of attorney. £82 per document is charged by the office of the Public Guardian for registration, thus for a pair of LPAs, a total of £164 is chargeable (nb. prices apply to England and Wales).

Reliefs are available for those on benefits, or low income, subject to completion of appropriate paperwork, with which we can assist.

If you would like to discuss any of the matters raised, please contact us now on 0121 202 4714 or email on