Funeral Plan Checklist

  • Organising a funeral has been compared to organising a wedding in its complexity;
  • Decisions must be made in a short time frame at a time of bereavement
  • The process can be overwhelming, planning in advance is a good idea



Funerals present a unique challenge at a difficult time. With average costs now rising about £5,000 and expected to exceed £10,000 by the end of the decade, planning in advance is a good idea. The below gives an idea of some of the factors that you will need to consider in planning a funeral.



Funeral Plan Checklist

Organizing a funeral requires a lot of time. Often, the process involves a lot of pressure, and this might force you to dole out a lot of money. Besides being time-oriented, the emotions involved might result in some hiccups amid the planning process. For this reason, we have highlighted a detailed funeral plan checklist below.


To get the best funeral service, you should focus on the budget and the location of the event. If possible, go for companies that might allow a pre-paid funeral plan. You might be lucky to find experts to help you do the planning bit as you mourn the deceased.


Think about the best flower that would match the message you are trying to pass. There are many types of them, and you must ensure that the right type of flowers is available on time. If possible, you can check with online retailers to pick one that best suits your budget.

Date and Time Planning

The date and time of the event should be carefully planned so that it does not inconvenience anyone willing to attend. Most of the time, it is safe to do it over the weekend when most people are out of work. Also, it should be done in the afternoon to allow everyone enough time to get organized to attend the event.

Personal Requests

Make sure to pay close attention to the deceased’s special requests when they were still alive. If their wish was to be buried in a private cemetery or to be cremated, it is important that you do your best to honour that. Also, it is okay if some requests are impossible to meet; however, there needs to be some effort toward meeting most of them.

Doctors’ Fees

If the doctors’ fees are not cleared, this is the best time to do so. Talk to the doctors about pending payments and arrange to have them cleared on time. In case the information is unclear, ask for proof so that you only pay for the actual pending fees.

Gravedigger Fees

Ask yourself about the gravedigger fees and how they will be paid. You must make this arrangement in time so that the resting place is ready when the body arrives at the cemetery. The fees vary among diggers, which is why there is a need to budget for this.

Contact with Bereaved

When arranging the burial, the bereaved should be contacted regularly. They need emotional support to get through the tough times. Therefore, in your checklist, you want to give this a priority and make sure that it is done.

You can contact them via phone calls, emails, or messages sent on the phone. Also, try to see them in person so that they do not feel lonely. Assist them in any way possible and genuinely show them that they are not alone. While working on the plan, make sure that the deceased is well taken care of at all times. To get premium services from experienced organizers, it is advisable to consider a pre-paid funeral plan.


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