Own a
not a Job!


Do you want to start
your own business?

Do you envy those who have?
Estate Planning & Will Writing offer the opportunity to…

  • Benefit from a huge market, experiencing major growth.
  • Enter a respectable field that has shown itself recession proof.
  • Perform critical work that can change people’s lives.


Will writing originated in Ancient Greece. It is perhaps, therefore, surprising that around 60% of people in the UK do not have a will, including 68% of those aged 30- 35 and 41% of those aged 50-59! Despite best effort by a number of bodies, this number is actually rising (at a rate of 6% per year), and the opportunity for will writers, expanding in consequence.

The lack of a will (or a poorly written one) may prove catastrophic. There were 8,000 attempts to block wills in 2017, with an estimated cost of £150k associated with each court challenge. £5.4bn was paid in inheritance tax in 2019 and many people died intestate, with assets reverting to the Crown in many cases. Growth in the market for will writing services shows no sign of abating, indeed a doubling was noted during the recent Covid-19 Pandemic. Add to this demand for high value ancillary services, such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, for which demand has doubled in the last three years, and the magnitude of the opportunity becomes clear.


  • Respected brand and experienced management team
  • Extensive technical and management training on ALL aspects of the business
  • Full suite of materials and tools to hit the ground running
  • Ongoing technical, sales and marketing support, to help when you need it
  • Fixed fee structure, large territory, own a business not a job!

“We want our Business Owners to stand on their own two feet, to grow. The support and training is excellent. Too many franchisees end up beholden to their franchisor, acting as little more than introducers. Relationships with our Business Owners are built on trust and respect.”

Dr Simon Pearce MBA


If accepted as a Confidence Wills Business Owner, you will receive a designated geographical territory, in which to develop business exclusively. These have been characterised scientifically and are large, so limited in number.

Do you want all the tools and systems you need to start making money immediately?

Do you want a stable opportunity in a huge market?

Do you want to own a business and not a job!


Consider starting your own business from scratch. If time and risk are no object, this might be for you (be warned 80% of businesses fail in their first year)

If you have resources to survive a prolonged downturn and are passionate about other industries e.g. luxury goods; leisure or those tied to property markets, a business opportunity in another sector might be for you.

If you’re happy to pay large portions of your profit to a company on which you’ll remain dependent, without the skills or support to achieve independence, different estate planning or ‘will writing’ company may suit.


Attract Clients Your

Confidence Wills Business Owner package includes sales and marketing support.

In addition to premium physical and electronic materials, such as brochures and proprietary information gathering tools, you will receive critical e-marketing infrastructure like your own, branded, website. Marketing consultancy is included, bespoke PPC and SEO campaigns* maximise your visibility online. Sales training includes scripts to get you started are taught and ongoing input is available, so that you make the most of every opportunity.

Operate your Business

Business administration appeals to some, though by no means all! Training is provided to keep you on track while practical issues, such as time management and administration, are dealt with head on.

Fulfil Client’s Needs

Concerned about the technical aspects of will writing? Don’t be. We require all Business Owners to pass the industry regulator’s examination. To achieve this you will receive 40-60 hours of training supported by your own, dedicated tutor. You will enjoy access to approved estate planning software**. Proprietary fulfilment processes and pro-forma documents support you in creating the perfect document every time. Ongoing, unlimited technical help is provided as part of your membership of the UK’s regulatory body, for peace of mind.